At Upper Arley C of E Primary School, we strive to inspire our community to have a love of mathematics by learning together to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, allowing their application in the wider world. We have an ambitious, connected curriculum, which is accessible to all pupils. There are opportunities to make connections across mathematical ideas and build upon prior knowledge to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and confidence when approaching problem solving activities. Our children progress from our school with the mathematical knowledge required to access the next stage in their learning journey.


Our maths curriculum has been crafted to ensure that security in number is prioritised through our long term plan. Within units of work, a small-step approach to medium term planning results in children progressing their prior knowledge and developing their confidence as they approach new learning. Reactivate tasks are used within every lesson to enable children to recognise and apply previously learned concepts, before accessing the next step.

The key components of fluency, reasoning and problem solving are all key components of learning mathematics that are included in all of the stages of learning. Common misconceptions and key teaching/learning points are identified during the planning stage and are considered in assessment for learning opportunities..  

Formal methods and reasoning opportunities are threaded through each topic. We use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach within our calculation policy that uses physical and visual aids to build a child’s understanding of abstract topics, through modelling and interaction. Building these steps across a unit and within lessons can help pupils to better understand the relationship between maths and the real world, therefore helping to secure their understanding of the mathematical concepts that they are learning. Consistency of practice results in the children building a robust understanding of abstract topics, developing confidence and resilience, alongside being positive risk-takers in their learning.