World Book Day 2021

Alice in Wonderland – Click the link for a sneak preview to how children and staff will be celebrating World Book Day this year

Diwali Festival Novm

The festival of Diwali runs from 12th November to 16th November 2020. The children of Upper Arley Primary School will celebrate Diwali by participating in classroom activities and attend The Ramayana Dance Workshop in school.
This is the most well known story behind Diwali, the great Hindu epic about prince Rama and his wife Sita. This important literary work has been shared orally and through dance for centuries.

Important cross-cultural concepts like the power of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, freedom over oppression, and hope over despair are all explored.

The workshop will be led by a West End choreographer, the children vividly imagine and physically embody the different roles, dramatic situations and actions of the main characters in the Ramayana as they retell elements of this epic story through dance.

Diwali is embraced by a number of religions and is a metaphor for the idea of self-improvement. By retelling the famous story through dance, children improve their cultural understanding and confidence in self-expression.

Upper Arley Apple Harvest! Ready for drinking!

Our apples were washed.
Apples tumble into the hopper
Our apples are crushed into small pieces
This mush is collected and placed between hessian filters
These hessian layers are pressed together
Can you see the juice being squeezed through the small holes of the hessian?
All the juice is squeezed out – this is what is left after squeezing
The juice is poured into bottled for drinking

Science week 2020

As part of National Science Week the children were set a challenge to make a skeleton that was…

…no bigger than A4 size

and had at least 3 moving parts.

The children have amazed us with their fantastic designs for a skeleton.

They have been so creative making them from all sorts of different materials.

What is the purpose of a skeleton?